The Community Security Initiative, staffed by a full-time Director of Community Security, is charged with convening, preparing and equipping Jewish organizations with the information and education needed to be safe and secure.


The Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas created the Community Security Initiative to ensure the Dallas Jewish community is prepared, in a proactive manner, to handle security issues within our community. Conceived in the summer of 2016, the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas used Secure Community Network (SCN), the only national Jewish security apparatus under the auspices of the Jewish Federations of North America, to develop a plan to make our community safer.


Through a series of meetings with SCN, major donors and the Federation Board, the Community Security Initiative was approved in February 2017. Major funding is provided by the Korenvaes Family Foundation in addition to Federation allocations.

What does this initiatve do? 

The Community Security Initiative focuses on four priorities:

1) Implementing a community-wide communications platform to ensure timely critical responses to security incidents.

2) Developing, convening and implementing a continuous training plan to ensure the safety and readiness of Jewish organizations.

3) Assessing and providing recommendations to Jewish organizations about best practices related to their physical spaces including potential improvements.

4) Working to commissary security needs to reduce cost and/or increase quality of hired security personnel and equipment.

Benefits To Local Jewish Organizations 


  • A Director of Community Security to assist with security questions, plans, and resources

  • Access and use of a community-wide communication system – Mir3

  • Physical site assessments by a trained security resource

  • Training and readiness preparation for your professional team, lay leadership and constituents, as appropriate

  • Potential cost savings and increased quality through broader negotiation and training of security personnel and equipment

Responsibilities Of Local Jewish Organizations


  • Professional and lay representative from your organization committed to the initiative to serve as a key contact

  • Commitment to have the appropriate professional and/or lay representatives attend security briefings and trainings

  • Agreement to have a key contact trained to administer and participate in the Mir3 platform

  • Proudly show participation and membership in the initiative on your marketing materials, website and facility as appropriate

  • To the extent possible, support of the Federation’s Annual Campaign efforts as it is a source of funding for the initiative

CSI Happenings

  • From March 2019 through September 2019, 12 organizations had Security Site Assessments completed.

  • From January 1, 2020, through May 6, 2020 , 14 organizations have had Security Site Assessments completed.

  • Six (6) Security Site Assessments have been conducted during the Covid-19 situation.  CSI participated in these assessments as they included some of our larger organizations.

  • Since this program began last year, a total of 26 Security Site Assessments have been completed.

  • CSI has reached out to 41 organizations outlining all the available services to their respective organizations during this Covid-19 quarantine. These services include, security site assessments, training, consultations, policy planning, vendor recommendations, and collaboration with law enforcement partners.  Additional organizations are being contacted this week.

  • Partner organizations have offered their empty building sites as potential training venues for the Dallas Police Department.  Current planning is underway to join Jewish partner organizations and the Dallas Police Department for training sites, such a schools and businesses. 

  • Training opportunities such as "Cyber Threat, Fraud & Crime Webinar" presented by the FBI, will continue to be pushed out to our community.

  • CSI participates twice a week in zoom meetings with our national partner Secure Community Network (SCN) to discuss national events related to maintaining the security of our Jewish communities.

  • CSI continues to take part in the White House office of public liaison for Covid-19 updates and the “Opening up of America again” planning process.  This information is shared with the executive staff of the Jewish Federation as we plan for the Dallas’ response to Jewish organizations opening their doors over the next few weeks.

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