Four years ago, I drove to Terminal D at DFW to be interviewed for Global Entry, which also entitles me to TSA-Pre✔ when I fly. The whole process of answering a handful of questions and being fingerprinted took less time than finding a parking spot in the garage, but that time and money was the single best investment I ever made. Nothing stressed me out more than pressure of the lines at the airport when, prior to TSA-Pre✔, I would shuffle to have my boarding pass ready on my phone, get my driver’s license ready, have a plan of attack to stow my wallet and keys in my bag instead of loose in the bin while I took my laptop and ziplock of toiletries out. My shoes had to come off which, for a germ-a-phobe like me, was like nails on a chalkboard, and I had to do all this with the pressure of a line of people behind me. 

This weekend, I will be flying to South Florida to see my family and to celebrate with 20 Dallas Jewish women leaders as we honor Janet Beck, who is being awarded the Kipnis-Wilson/Friedland award for which we nominated her at the International Lion of Judah Conference. When I go through security at Love Field, I will make a point to be especially grateful and kind to the TSA agents who work the security line without pay. Today was the first payday for which they will still get a check, but it will read $0. The stress they are facing today makes my prior stress of taking off my shoes ridiculous. 

Those who work the jobs affected by the government shutdown are now suffering. There is dialogue among Federations around the country about what role we and our agency system might play to assist in the interim. Jewish Family Service agencies and Hebrew Free Loan societies are having similar conversations. Our charity starts at home to take of the Jewish community as our priority, and that is how it should be. And, we have the abundance to stretch to help others as well, and they in turn, help us. 

This notion will be on full display at ONE Night, our largest community fundraising event, on January 27. Our program leading up to Martin Short’s entertainment will be the most powerful we have ever created. Simply put, if you want to spend a few hours of your life being part of something profound, inspirational, motivational and fun, you must register now by clicking here.  You will regret not attending. Don’t forget to bring your ID that evening and follow our security instructions—there is no TSA-Pre✔ at ONE Night.

Shabbat Shalom,

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