4 2019

Taste of Oak Cliff

12:00PM - 7:00PM  

Cliff Temple Baptist Church Parking Lot Corner of 10th St. & South Beckley, 125 Sunset Ave, Dallas, TX 75208
Dallas, TX 75208

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The Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce is committed to our community, it's people, businesses and to economic growth. To create a memorable experience we are hosting the Annual Taste of Oak Cliff. This event will showcase our finest restaurants, breweries, shops, as wells as artists and is a community event to celebrate our diverse culture.
Whether you live here, work here, or have friends that have spent time in our beautiful city or enjoyed a night on a town in one of our great restaurants or outstanding and unique shops, Taste of Oak Cliff is an experience that greets you with outstretched and welcoming arms. It is much more than just an event. It is a day of memories in the making, it's full of history and culture and celebrations and stories. Come be part of it!