2 2019

Music, Meditation, & Movement at Temple Shalom (LIST IN E NEWS)

8:00AM - 8:45AM  

Temple Shalom 6930 Alpha Rd
Dallas, TX 75240

Contact Cantor Devorah Avery
(972)661-1810 x201

Music, Meditation, & Movement at Temple Shalom
Saturday, February 2, 2019
8:00am Boardroom
Join Cantor Avery for Music, Meditation, & Movement This early morning program is designed to awaken your body, mind, and soul for a meaningful and spiritual Shabbat day with mindful chants, grounding meditation, light yoga, and prayer. For more information, contact Cantor Devorah Avery at davery@templeshalomdallas.org
Temple Shalom
6930 Alpha Rd.
Dallas, TX 75240
(972)661-1810 x201