Fighting Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS)

Contact Our Legislators!


Please email our local legislators to urge them to support House Bill (HB) 89/Senate Bill (SB) 134. Below are our Dallas Representatives. Or, click here to find your local representative.

If you only send one email, please make sure it is to your local representative and please note that you are a constituent.  Please see sample email below.  

Feel free to copy and paste the text directly into the email you send to our legislators.


Texas State Representatives        
Name City District Email  Phone
Roberto R. Alonzo Dallas 104 512-463-0408
Rafael Anchia Dallas 103 512-463-0746
Giovanni Capriglione Southlake 98 512-463-0690
Yvonne Davis Dallas 111 512-463-0598
Pat Fallon Frisco 106 512-463-0694
Eric Johnson Dallas 100 512-463-0586
Linda Koop Dallas 102 512-463-0454
Jeff Leach Plano 67 512-463-0544
Morgan Meyer Dallas 108 512-463-0367
Matt Shaheen Plano 66 512-463-0594
Victoria Neave Dallas 107  
Justin Holland Frisco 33  
Jason Villalba Dallas 114 512-463-0576
Texas State Senators        
Name City District Email  Phone
Donald Huffines Dallas 16 512-463-0116
Van Taylor Plano 8 512-463-0108
Royce West Dallas 23 512-463-0123


If you would like to write more emails, please click here to find a comprehensive list of Dallas/Ft. Worth Legislators. 

Please email and thank Representative Phil King and Senator Brandon Creighton for their leadership in authoring this bill.

Write To Your Representative: Sample Email/Tweet


 Feel free to copy and paste the text directly into the email you send to our legislators.


Sample Email:

Dear Representative (his/her name),
(As a constituent in your district - USE ONLY IF WRITING TO YOUR REP), I urge you to support HB89/SB134 that prohibits discriminatory trade practices against Israel. This piece of legislation will ensure that Texas will remain a friend and ally of Israel while boosting our state's global economy.




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Below is the suggested tweet you can send to your Representative. Please use the official hashtag: #StopBDSTexas


Sample Tweet:

​@(Representative Twitter Handle) We urge you to support HB89. #StopBDSTexas #TexasHB89

Call our Representatives: Sample Phone Script


Hello. My name is (Your Name) and I live at (Your Address; Please note if you are a constituent). I’m calling to urge you to support House Bill 89 & Senate Bill 134 which prohibits discriminatory trade practices against Israel. Texas and Israel are close allies and this bill will ensure the continuation of the strong relationship as well as boost Texas’ global economy.

Press Release from Representative King's office:




AUSTIN — Rep. Phil King (R-Weatherford) and Sen. Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe) today announced the filing of HB 89 and SB 134 that boosts the state’s global economy by prohibiting the state from investing public funds in companies that boycott Israel.


“This bill sends a strong statement that Texas stands with its friends,” King said. “Boycotts of entities and individuals on the basis of national origin, particularly Israel, often amount to ethnic, religious, racial and/or nationality discrimination, which directly contradicts state public policy.”


Israel is Texas’ fourth leading trade partner with numerous joint projects in agricultural research and development, science and technology and industrial research. The Lone Star State exports $495 million of product to Israel and, in 2012, had $118 million in military contracts. Nearly 300 Texas companies do business with Israel. The state also has more than $50 million in high-rated State of Israel Bonds.


"Israel is an oasis of freedom in the Middle East and our nation's most valuable ally in the region," said Creighton. "Israel's economic strength is reflective of essential values they share with Texas, so people of good conscience should be encouraging them, not stifling their success. It's time for Texas to send a strong message of unity with Israel."


Texas is just one of a growing number of states in the country to respond legislatively to the national origin discrimination. Prior to the pre-filing, Gov. Greg Abbott launched an anti-boycott, divestment, and sanction effort with governors throughout the country. Twelve states have adopted similar legislation.


Full Text of House Bill 89


Click here for the full text of the filed House Bill.

What is BDS?


The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement was founded in 2005 to delegitimize the State of Israel. The movement skillfully spreads propaganda aimed to misrepresent Israel. BDS uses untruths to persuade people into believing that Israel is a current-day Apartheid South Africa. The alleged human rights violations by Israel cannot be more false. Israel is one of the only democracies in an otherwise authoritarian Middle East. Israel is the leader in the region for many human rights such as women’s rights and LGBT rights, for example.


The BDS movement’s mission is to use economic and political pressure to force Israel to comply with international law. Yet the founders have an ulterior motive. The leaders of the BDS movement have stated on record that they do not wish to create a peaceful two-state solution. The leaders of BDS do not want Israel to exist at all. They want to completely banish the only democratic and Jewish State in the Middle East. BDS at its very core is an anti-Semitic organization.


The global BDS campaign has spread quickly to U.S. College campuses. The grassroots style has made it attractive to diverse minority groups. Student-led BDS resolutions have passed at a number of campuses across the United States. BDS student organizations have sometimes turned violent against any group that supports Israel and the Jewish people. It has led to a situation where not all Jewish and pro-Israel students feel safe at their own university. 

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Thank You


The anti-BDS Bill Coalition thanks Rep. Phil King and Sen. Brandon Creighton for their leadership in authoring a state-wide bill condemning BDS, making it illegal for Texas businesses that receive state contracts to engage in BDS activity, and prohibiting investment in any company that supports BDS.